Selecting the right Doberman

 It is extremely important that your Doberman is purchased from a breeder who has earned a reputation over the years for consistently producing dogs that are mentally, and physically sound.

The only way a breeder can earn a reputation for producing quality animals is through a well-though-out breeding program in which rigid selectivity is imposed. Selective breeding is aimed at maintaining the virtues of a breed and eliminating genetic weaknesses.

There are many questions you have to ask yourself as a prospective Doberman owner. Such as Why do I want this puppy, for a family pet, Show dog, Working dog? What kind of environment can I offer the Doberman. Am I ready for the lifelong commitment the breed requires? Am I ready to own a Doberman?

A responsible breeder will ask you a lot of questions as well. They are as concerned for your Doberman's well being as you are. The breeder should be able to answer any questions you  have about your Doberman. Beware any breeder that shies away from answering the tough questions.

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