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Blitz Jr. is on active duty today with his partner, who is a K-9 Police Patrol Officer. Blitz Jr. was bred and trained at home by his breeder to work as a S.A.R dobe, (live odor) He was taught re-find and bark alert techniques, in which he became quite efficient. He was extensively worked in wilderness and urban settings, never missing the mark! His attitude allowed him to become an excellent candidate to advance his protection instincts at an early age. His training turned this Dobe into a top scoring obedience trials champ. Blitz Jr. had "all" jam required to fit the bill as a police Dobe. When he was acquired by his current owner/handler his detector skills  were required, to detect dope. I am told by his instructor, he has excelled in his new discipline. We have been advised by his handler, Blitz Jr. may be the only P.S.P styled Dobermann active in North America today. Blitz's new handler has asked us not to include his name nor his police agency for  security reasons.

Below is a quote from his trainer for his new discipline.

I personally trained "Blitz" in PSP-based narcotics detection.  He knew nothing of narcotics odors, search patterns, or indication when ..... and ..... brought him to me for training.  After completing our strict and structured training program he has become a nice narcotics detector dog.



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