Candid shots from around the world.

    Annkie with Bizzy,  Copenhagen.



Rob and Diesel, a summer day in Muskoka Ont.


    Paul and Ellie , John and Khan , Michael and Buzz, Jerry andNikki            

You find these black dogs at all kinds of places ! !





You gott'a love Joker Man !

During the month of Oct./2000, while living in the Yukon, Joker effectively defended his family from sure death, when he challenged and successively over came a 600lb. Grizzly. This Dobermann literally tore the testes off this bear.

For the books,  This is a  Grizzley

the red stuff on the nose is the result of a full clip of 7mm at 50 to 30 feet. The 1600 lb. beast will be missed. It was either our compadre or the beast.



Blitz with "The Georgia Taz man" .


You've Got the Magic v Ryans Luxus with his partner Peanut, covering his six. Well done Brian.

Frank's girl Caddy relaxing.






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