Von Ryan's Working Dobermann's

Dobermann's were created to provide a service, Von Ryan's agrees.

Our Dobermann's have a respected reputation for getting the job done around the world!


Search and Rescue

Lower Ontario Search Team

K-9 Canada





Search Dobermann

Blitz Von Ryan's Luxus

Blitz and Helmut , Vienna , Austria



Estate Guardians

Rocky and Harley Von Ryan's Luxus

Vigilance at it's best !





Police patrol Dobermann

"Young Harley" Von Ryan's Luxus with his partner , Officer Hewell , in Alabama.

One riot...One Dobermann.


Dual Purpose Police Dobe

Blitz Jr. is currently active as a drug detector and patrol Dobe.




Specific Services Dobes

Utilizing the loyalty of the Dobermann to enhance people's lives. Pauline with Rubie.



Around the world with Ryan's Luxus

Von Ryan's Luxus Imports

The Dobermann Standard

Our Mission Statement

Award Winning School

The Puppies Den

Candid Shots



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