"Around the world with Ryan's Luxus"

Inka Von Ryan's Luxus is one of 4 Ryan Doberman's living in the Yukon.

Bogotá Blue Von Ryan's Luxus

 In  Carrera, Columbia.




Von Ryan's Dobermann's are active as companions, Therapy dogs,Detectors(narcotics at this time), Police patrol dogs (P.S.P. styled), Search and Rescue, Movie Stars, Sport type competition (Sch. & I.P.O.) and Show ring Champions.


Joker von Ryans Luxus , coming to you "LIVE"

from the Great CANADIAN wilderness.

Blitz, overlooking a valley,

 Somewhere in France

Harold and Candy

Baden Baden, Germany

Margot with Alles. Bethel Cn.


 Elmore Von Ryan's Luxus playing in the Ottawa snow.

Hargos Von Ryan's Luxus at his winter residence in Key West Fl.


Bianca Von Ryan's Luxus CD. Taking up new residence in Rome, Italy.

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